LexCom Privacy Statement

The protection of your personal data is of utmost concern to our company, LexCom Informationssysteme GmbH, Rüdesheimer Str. 23, 80686 Munich, Germany ("LexCom"). This Privacy Statement is intended to inform you about the policy of LexCom regarding your personal data when using

·         the locally installed software products ("LexCom software"):

·         ETKA

·         ETOS

·         PET

·         MAN MANTIS

·         ASA

·         AGROPARTS

·         EPS & PHACT online

·         as well as the following Internet offerings (jointly referred to as "LexCom web services"):

·         partslink24 (available at the domains www.partslink24.com and www.partslink24.de)

·         etosinfo (available at the domains www.etosinfo.com and www.etosinfo.de)

·         agroparts (available at the domains www.agroparts.com and www.agroparts.de)

·         etkainfo (available at the domains www.etkainfo.com, www.etka.com and www.etkainfo.de)

·         eZUKA (available at the domain webcat.lex-com.net)

·         tyremaster (available at the domain www.tyremaster.net)

·         webepis (available at the domains www.webepis.com and www.webepis.de)

·         myASAinfo (available at the domain www.myasainfo.com)

·         ASA WEB (available at the domain www.myasaweb.com)

This Privacy Statement supplements the General Terms and Conditions of LexCom governing the use of the relevant LexCom software and LexCom web services.

1. LexCom's Policy for Processing Your Personal Data

With a view to the protection of your personal data during the use of LexCom software and web services, LexCom has adopted the following policies:

·         LexCom collects, processes and uses your personal data in compliance with the relevant data protection legislation of the Federal Republic of Germany and the European Union.

·         LexCom uses your personal data solely to enable you to utilize the LexCom software and web services. LexCom will never disclose your personal data to any third party for advertising or marketing or other unauthorized purposes.

2. Terms and Definitions in the Data Privacy Statement

LexCom uses certain defined terms in this Data Privacy Statement, the meanings of which you should know:

·         "Personal data" are all individual information items about your personal or material circumstances.

·         The users registered for a specific LexCom software and/or a specific LexCom web service are referred to as "LexCom users".

·         The personal data that you need to enter in the registration process for the LexCom software and/or the LexCom web service (mandatory fields) are referred to as "Registration information".

3. What does LexCom know about you, what do you permit to LexCom and the LexCom users and how are your personal data handled?

3.1 Registration information

The functional design of the LexCom software and the LexCom web services requires that LexCom collects certain personal data from you as your registration information during the registration process and processes these. In the first place, these are the following data:

·         Company ID / ID (this does not apply for the LexCom software agroparts)

·         Username

·         Password

The administrator of a company ID may create further users and hence view the company ID / ID of these users. These data can never be viewed by any other LexCom user at any point of time. LexCom will never pass on these data to any third party and/or disclose them to such third parties in any other way.

Furthermore, you need to fill in certain mandatory fields during registration, for example, your first name, last name, the name of your company and your e-mail address (the mandatory fields of the LexCom web services may differ). In addition, you may enter optional information which you may edit or delete later at any time.

3.2 Payment data

LexCom collects and uses your payment data such as credit card or bank details for the purpose of payment handling and accounting as necessary for the selected mode of payment. Your payment data are submitted - to the necessary extent - to service providers such as credit card institutions or may be collected directly and processed by these for the purpose of handling the payment transaction. Your payment data are stored in order to enable payment handling and accounting for the automatic extension of the subscription. The collection of payment data does not apply for the LexCom web service agroparts.

4. Cookies and Pixel Tags

Cookies are small files which enable us to store on your PC or other terminal device some specific information related to you as a user while you are using the LexCom web services. For example, cookies help us to determine the frequency of use and the number of actual users of our web services, analyse the user behaviour on our web site, assess the publicity effectiveness, increase security and design our web services so that they are as convenient, efficient and interesting for you as possible. Only you and LexCom have access to these cookies, which are used for the purposes described below.

When you log in (with your user name and password), the LexCom web services utilize session cookies for your identification during the time of your visit. Session cookies expire automatically on termination of your session. The session cookies contain part of your login data. However, automatic login on two different computers is not possible in this case.

In addition, the LexCom web services use permanent cookies. These cookies store information about users accessing the LexCom web services repeatedly (for example company ID, user name, language, time stamp of previous access). The purpose of these permanent cookies is, on the one hand, to present you the specific web service in the correct language even before you have logged in. On the other hand, this enables you to return directly to your previous session if you did not log out at the end of your previous session to the LexCom web service. There is no individual profile generation about your user behaviour by means of the cookies set by us.

Under certain circumstances you may disable the storage of cookies or restrict this to specific web sites in your browser or set your browser to notify you as soon as a cookie is sent. You may also delete cookies from your terminal device at any time. However, please note that the use of LexCom web services is not possible if user cookies are rejected.

We utilize pixel tags, web beacons, clear GIFs or similar mechanisms ("pixels"). A pixel tag is an image file or a link to an image file which is inserted in the code of the web page but not stored on your terminal device (e.g. computer, smart phone, etc.). Pixel tags enable us, for example, to count the number of users visiting our web pages after clicking online advertisements. Thus, pixel tags help us optimize the efficiency of our web pages, revise and optimize our offers and publicity activities. Our use of pixel tags does not involve any reference to any person. Personalized tracking does not occur, either. Pixel tags usually work in conjunction with cookies. If you turn off cookies, the pixel tag will simply detect an anonymous website visit.

5. Log Files

Whenever you log in to the LexCom software or the LexCom web services, access data are saved in a log file. Some of the data stored are the company ID, user name, session ID and the login time.

On the one hand, LexCom needs these log data to detect and correct any technical problems such as, for example, defective links or program bugs, i.e. to improve and develop the LexCom software and LexCom web services. On the other hand, LexCom needs these log data to detect any illegal and/or improper use of the LexCom software or LexCom web services. For this reason, LexCom reserves the right to use the log data if there is evidence that users make use of the LexCom software and/or LexCom web services illegally or contrary to the contract. This serves to protect the LexCom users, the security of their user data and LexCom itself.

6. Availability of the Data Privacy Statement

You can retrieve and print out this Data Privacy Statement from any page of the web site of each LexCom web service or within the LexCom software by clicking the "Privacy" link.

7. Assertion of Claims, Contact

If you should have any further questions about the subject of data security in using LexCom software and/or LexCom web services or if you wish to receive information about your data, have these corrected or deleted, please send an e-mail or letter to:

Mr. Thomas Steidle
LexCom Informationssysteme GmbH
Rüdesheimer Str. 23
80686 München, Germany